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Help with essays and assignmentsess_help.doc
Presentation of Essays and Assignmentspres_hlp.doc
How to write a bad assignmentbad_ass.doc
Harvard System 2-page Quick Guideharvquik.doc
Harvard System [Bournemouth University]harvard.doc
Harvard System - Frequently Asked Questionshvd_faq.doc
Author-date (Harvard) referencing guideharvard.pdf
Guide to Citing Internet Sourcesinternet.doc
Referencing Electronic Sources
[South Bank University Helpsheet]
Citing References and Compiling a
Reference List [Interactive]
South Bank
Avoiding Plagiarism, Advice for Studentsavoiding.doc
Link: Plagiarism Quiz
Link: Plagiarism [Interactive website]
Reading and Writing Academic Articles, Essays and Reports
Guide to Reading and Analysing Academic Articlesread_an.doc
Critical Reading towards Critical Writingcrit_rdg.doc
Guide to Writing a Critical Academic Essaywriting.doc
Writing Academic Essays and Reportswri_acad.doc
Link: Literature Reviews website
Help with English
Link: Using English for Academic Purposes
Link: Effective Use of English [Open University]
Correct use of "it's"its.doc
Punctuation [from: 'Using English...'] abovepunctuat.doc
How to use the Comma/Using the Apostrophecom_apos.doc
Link:Eats, Shoots & Leaves - [Punctuation Game]
William Edwards Deming [Original]deming.doc
William Edwards Deming [Corrected]deming2.doc
Essay and Assignment Checklistchecklst.doc
Declaration of Academic Integritydeclare2.doc
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