BS3008/LM2002 Quality Management and Customer Care


Session 2002-03



Question and Answer


How do we use FAQ's ?

You email Mike Hart indicating that you want your question, and the answer to it, posted into this page...


How do I access the material on the TQM Gurus?

Click on the Gurus link


Can I see a copy of last year's examination paper?

Here it is. Note that you will not have a question on quantitative tools [ Q5] as this will be replaced by a more general question focussing on typical techniques deployed in QM (such as Quality Circles, Customer Care)
2002 Exam paper


How can I access some research papers on quality?

You can access some of Mike Hart's papers here


Can you recommend a good website on Quality issues?

The Institute of Quality Assurance has some excellent papers [and some useful definitions as well]


How do I improve my assignment?

The most important issue is to answer the question exactly as asked.
In particular, pay attention to the following points:

- do not spend too much time on description of the components of the work of the TQM Gurus but keep this down to the absolute minimum (one page at most)

- concentrate on the analysis and in particular a serious examination of strengths and weaknesses

- apply to an organisation of your choice in a systematic way, not in a global sense. Give practical illustrations of which principles seem to work well (with supporting detail) and why. Do similarly for those principles that do not appear to work well.