BS2032 Public Sector Management


Lecture 1.          Weber’s ideal type of bureaucracy


1.   Conceptions of bureaucracy


  1. Perjorative use of the term bureaucracy – write down typical phrases!

  2. Consider the case of  a lack of bureaucracy (early ‘Apple’ for the Beatles would employ anybody/everybody and the whole imploded)

  3. Military bureaucracies highly efficient (Roman army deployed a ‘tortuga’ or ‘tortoise’)

2.   Ideal type used by Weber as a ‘measuring instrument’ i.e. a theoretical concept


3.  Characteristics of bureaucracy (read Weber’s definition)      


4.   A more extended account can be found in Max Weber: On Bureaucracy.


5.   Schematically, Weber’s view (with some criticisms and developments can be found in the Britannica excerpt ‘Bureaucracy’           


6.   Modern day application of Weber can be found in the concept of McDonaldisation