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General Tutorials
Help with Essays and Assignments
Presentation of essays and assignments
How to write a bad assignment
Quick Guide to Harvard Referencing
Harvard System [Bournemouth University]
Harvard Referencing-Frequently Asked Questions
Guide to Citing Internet Sources
How to write a successful Final Year Project - a practical guide
Examination Hints
Plagiarism quiz
Analytical Skills in Social Science
Using Academic Journals- Guidance written by Loykie Lomini
Example (and notes) on an academic article
Academic Reading and Writing
A Guide to Reading and Analysing Academic Articles- Guidance written by Amanda Graham [Yukon College]
Critical Reading Towards Critical Writing - Guidance written by Deborah Knott [University of Toronto]
Guide to Writing a Critical Academic Essay - Griffith University School of Management
Writing Academic Essays and Reports - David Chandler [Aberdeen University]
How to use the Comma+Using the Apostrophe - Nottingham Trent University [Student Support Services]
Literature Review website
Essay and Assignment Checklist
Module Evaluation Form (Qualitative)
Module Evaluation Form (General)
Oral Presentation: Assessment Sheet
Declaration of Academic Integrity
Final Year Project Supervision Meeting Record
Final Year Project Assessment Form
Course Specific Materials
MICROSTATS [Public domain version]
EZESTATS [Save self-extracting ZIPped file and then extract under DOS with the command EZE_ZIP. Type EZE to run]
POWERPOINT Statistics Course [Statistics course on PowerPoint slides- Sam Seward, Sonoma State University, Ca.]
[Download Seward Statistics course -3.85MB, may take some time]
Quality Management and Customer Care - Frequently Asked Questions
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Link to Mike Hart's Incredibly Useful Websites
Essays and Assignments [Composite website]
Purdue Online Writing Lab  [Look up Grammar, Punctuation etc]
Eats, Shoots & Leaves - Punctuation Game
UoW Business Guardian rankings: 2004-2012

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